Golden Tee - Cabinet


Fore!!! This Golden Tee home arcade cabinet includes a custom, one-foot riser providing that classic upright arcade experience, along with a light-up marquee. Officially licensed by Incredible Technologies, the makers of Golden Tee Arcade machines, Golden Tee Golf fans can play the most popular arcade golf game of all-time in their own homes. Comes equipped with a high quality arcade trackball controller and buttons, which allows you to slice, hook, draw or fade. Up to 4 people can play. Choose from 3 different 18-hole courses for each game. Play solo or choose to play SKINS or STROKE (for 2 or more players) for hours of golfing fun.

  • Style: Cabinet
  • Where to purchase: Target, Best Buy, Target
  • Features: Includes branded riser
  • Availability: Available
  • Price: $270+
    • Golden Tee
    • Golden Tee 2K
    • Golden Tee 99
    • Golden Tee 98
  • HomeArcade.Games ID: 1303
  • Last updated: 9/11/2020